Dhimitri Stojko SPT

Dhimitri Stojko SPT
UConn 2023
Student Clinic Director UConn PT C.A.R.E.S. Pro Bono Clinic

CT Neurological SIG Community Outreach Coordinator


Where did you go to PT/PTA school?

University of Connecticut.

What made you want to become a PT or PTA?

My love for physical therapy stems from my strong passion and interest in living a healthy, active lifestyle. As I became more obsessed with the profession, I started to become intrigued in the variety and diversity that the field has to offer. I must admit, I initially aimed to pursue a career in sports orthopedics but once I began to interact with other PT settings, I gave more thought to my future. To be specific, working with a Neurological population, I witnessed genuine care, perseverance, and strong will power. There is an amazing personal reward and joy in knowing I had a role in seeing an individual improve their quality of life and restore their function.

Why are you an APTA member?

I am an active and proud APTA member because I believe our wonderful profession should not provide mediocre or adequate care, but rather utilize the most evidence-based resources to advance the profession forward. The APTA allows me to interact with an array of up-to-date research from similar-minded therapists that are always striving to bring our profession to bigger and better places.

When you're not working what do you like to do in your free time?

Hiking, playing sports with friends (basketball, soccer, tennis), watching movies, and traveling with family.

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