Sarah Barnes

Sarah Barnes, PT, DPT, Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist 

Where do you practice?

 Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network – Bishops Corner, West Hartford 

Where did you go to PT/PTA school?

University of Hartford, 2017 

What made you want to become a PT or PTA?

 I became a PT after many years of sports injuries and noticing how much time PTs are able to spend with their patients. I wanted to be in a field that allowed me that time, and to be able to make some kind of difference. 

Why are you an an APTA member? 
Being a part of the bigger organization has always helped me to build networks and feel supported. The resources and educational opportunities play a huge role in my continued development as a clinician.  

When you're not working, what do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not in the clinic, I try to be outside as much as possible: walking, hiking, biking – anything in the open air makes me the happiest.  

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