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May 5, 2022
Provided by Joe Grabicki

  • Public Policy Committee continues to socialize its plans to add imaging to our practice act. We are awaiting to connect with the public policy chair of the Radiological Society of CT. We decided to consider adding plain film privileges at this point and not pursue MRI/CT scanning. This strategy allows us an iron clad defense for the need of imaging with direct access in order to assess if someone is appropriate for PT post an injury that poses a heightened suspicion of fracture.  
  • We have also been working with CONNOTA as they are in the mist of updating their practice act.  Our stance has been duel focused on assisting our OT colleagues in their language to reflect the skillful work they do daily and protecting our PT members as the gold standard for treating neuromuscular conditions in the eyes of the public, referring partners, and payors. 
  • We continue to plan on working on adding PT to an interstate compact in the off season and next legislative session.  



Provided by Tom Kassan

Telehealth- We testified in support of Telehealth and got it extended by 2 additional years to allow PTs to continue to provide care due to barriers that prevent them from attending in person.

State Compact- We testified in support and have cleared the 1st stage of PTs being added to the list of professions being considered to join the State Compact. We are hopeful next year the DPH will finalize this. This would allow PTs to practice in ANY state that is also part of the State Compact and reduce barriers to practice. 

Dry Needling- We have passed the initial review and are pending an appeal that is still being decided. But we are hopeful that the DPH will rule that Dry Needling is within the Scope of Practice of PTs.

We are also working on other updates to our Scope of Practice to further improve the practice of Physical Therapy in Connecticut!



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