Why Join APTA CT?

Being a part of the organization that is THE  voice of physical therapy that you have worked so hard to represent after graduating from your academic program is rewarding and critical to the long term growth of your profession. There are many opportunities to meet fellow PT and PTA throughout the state representing all areas of practice. The many educational presentations held at various locations in the state, the annual fall conference and the opportunities to represent the PT profession at social events, community awareness and public service venues are all part of the mission of the APTA CT. Being a member of the APTA CT and the APTA not only adds value to your professional credentials but you will receive regular information at all levels on professional, educational and legislative matters that impact your practice of this great and rewarding vocation.

Legislative Representation
Why is this important to me?  APTA represents you and your profession at both federal and state levels. APTA is your voice…and it’s a voice that grows stronger with each new member. How can I make a difference?  As a member, you can make valuable contributions by continuing your APTA membership, contacting your local representatives, or getting involved in APTA’s advocacy efforts. Show your pride, get involved, and feel good about making a difference!

Payment Updates and Information
Why is this important to me?  It’s important that you get paid for your physical therapy services and APTA works hard to ensure that you receive adequate insurance payment. Lobbying efforts, public relations campaigns, and political action have brought about many positive changes in payment policies. But there’s still much more to be done…

Insurance and Financial Services
Why is this important to me? Membership has its benefits. APTA membership gives you access to high-quality insurance and financial services, often at a discount. And each of these programs have been reviewed by a committee of APTA members and are monitored to ensure ongoing quality. Whether you’re a PT, PTA, or student of physical therapy, APTA has the right program for you!

News and Information 24 Hours a Day
Why is this important to me? As a member, you can turn to APTA for answers to your physical therapy questions 24 hours a day. APTA is your best—and most trusted—source of information about physical therapy. Sources of information available free to members.

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