August 2018: Mike Oriente

Mike Oriente is the current CTAPTA New Professional  SIG leader, connecting PTS/ PTAs entering into the professional PT world.

Mike works at Physical Therapy Specialists of Guilford and is a graduate of Sacred Heart University.

Why did he choose Physical Therapy:

"I was injured playing soccer during my junior year in high school. For rehab, I went to an outpatient PT practice. The PT there helped me get back from a "season ending" injury before the end of the season. Since we had built good rapport, I asked if I could shadow for a couple of hours. After spending several weeks observing, I was blown away with the one-on-one connections he made with his patients, and by the fact that these patients actually got better. At this point I was convinced PT was the right profession for me, and I haven't looked back since."

Why he is a member:

"The APTA and the state chapters do a lot of behind the scenes work to progress this profession. I truly believe in giving whatever support I can to those who are dedicated to the growth of Physical Therapy. Also, being a member of the orthopedic and private practice sections has helped me stay up to date on current literature and practice methods."

In his spare time, Mike enjoys coaching basketball, playing ultimate frisbee and golf.  He also enjoys playing guitar.

Mike Oriente and Shirley Sahrmann.  Shirley has been a great influence to Mike and his professional skills.

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