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What Is the Conecticut Student Special Interest Group (CTSSIG)? 

The purpose of the Student Special Interest Group shall be to provide a means by which students, and student affiliate members, have a common interest, and because of their enrollment in a Physical Therapy (PT) or Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) school.  These students may meet, confer and promote the interest of their classes and schools within the Student Special Interest Group and further develop their role as a student body within the Association.  

Objectives of the CTSSIG:   

  • Identify and respond to issues related to student members.

  • Promote the role of the students in physical therapy in the CTAPTA, APTA, and the Physical Therapy profession

  • Promote membership and encourage the participation of students in the Student Special Interest Group and the APTA

  • Provide services to further the Student Special Interest Group’s purpose and responsibility to the student physical therapist and student physical therapist assistants in the state.

  • Increase student awareness regarding various aspects of advocacy for the profession and patients   

Benefits of the Student SIG

o    Networking with students in your state.

o    Contacts with professionals across your state.

o    Opportunities to find mentors and be mentored.

o    Develop leadership skills.

o    Receive important information about the working of your state chapter and your future as a PT or PTA. 

Chapter Leadership & Membership.

Grace Cioffi 

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Cioffi. I graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2021 with a bachelor’s in Exercise Science and am now a first year DPT student at SHU. I chose physical therapy because I have a passion for helping others and have continuously seen the benefits of rehabilitation, both in regards to injuries and overall well being. I am excited to be a part of a profession that improves others’ quality of life. I have many interests in physical therapy, but would love to work with neuro patients or athletes one day. After graduation, I am hoping to do a residency in either of these areas.


Matt Glassoff

My name is Matt Glassoff, I am from Toms River NJ. I graduated from the University of Hartford in 2021 with my bachelor's in health science. I am currently a first year PT student at the University of Hartford. I chose physical therapy because this field aligned with my personal morals and fits the type of lifestyle I love to live and want to promote in society. In restoring function within patients, we give them the ability to live their life and I don't think there is anything more gratifying than that. I can see myself working with a lot of different types of patients, but I would love to work with youth athletes and within an industrial rehabilitation setting one day!



Zach Philippon

Hello current and future PTs,

My name is Zach Philippon and I am a first year PT student at Sacred Heart University. I am serving as the Director of Communication/Social Media chair for the APTA CT Student Special Interest Group. I chose physical therapy as my career path because I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of people within and outside of my community. I aspire to advocate for the profession, and to contribute in promoting the great work that physical therapists provide, both in the healthcare world and in the rehabilitation process. I believe that the efforts put forth by physical therapists significantly enhance the patient's experience in their road to recovery, and collectively make the world a better place!


 Corry Brinken


Hello! My name is Corry Brinken and I am currently a DPT 1 at Sacred Heart University. I chose physical therapy to both educate and develop a personal connection with patients as I aid them through the physical rehabilitation process. Currently, I am interested in orthopedic, sports and aquatic therapy, but I hope to expand my interests over the next few years.







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 This Special Interest Group is open to PT and PTA Students APTA CT members.

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