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Legislative Update:  March 31, 2015

Definition of Surgery:  HB 5625, An Act Concerning the Definition of Surgery, was filed by Public Health Ranking House member Prasad Srinivasan.  To the surprise of many, Connecticut has never had a statutory definition of surgery.  This has led to several instances of concern for physical therapy, including most recently, some challenge to sharp debridement as within the scope of practice of PT.  As a result, CTAPTA testified in support of the bill.  HB 5625 was recently reported favorably out of the Public Health Committee establishing a task force, including a seat for a licensed physical therapist.

Concussion Management: CTAPTA continues to work to resolve the omission of physical therapists as licensed health care providers allowed to participate in the CT High School "Return to Play" protocols.  In 2015, we have testified before both the Committee on Children and the Public Health Committee to clarify that concussion management is clearly within the scope of practice of PT.  We are excited to announce that the Public Health Committee listened to our concerns and included PTs in the list of professionals as it reported favorably on HB 6987.  We may have to fight to keep it in the bill, but this is a win for PTs and patients.

Telemedicine: Both the Insurance Committee and the Public Health Committee held public hearings on the emerging issue of telemedicine.  CTAPTA testified before both committees.  The issues have dealt with standards of care, practice patterns and payment.  Stay tuned for updates as the legislature heads for its mandatory adjournment date on June 3rd.

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