Bill to lift cap on co-pays dies in Insurance Committee


The APTA CT Public Policy committee has been busy testifying at the state Capitol.  One of the most significant proposals, H.B. No. 5245 (RAISED) AN ACT CONCERNING COPAYMENT-ONLY HEALTH PLANS, would have lifted our statutory $30 co-pay limit for co-pay only plans.  Public Policy chair Maryclaire Capetta testified in opposition to the proposal.  The bill was put forward by Surest, a United Healthcare affiliated plan.  Despite support from the Committee chair and the Governor, the bill failed in Committee, as the Insurance and Real Estate Committee failed to pass any bills before its reporting deadling.  We will remain diligent in monitoring amendments until the session adjourns on May 8th as it is clear that advocates will attempt to resurrect some of the bills that failed.

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