Update on Lobby Day and Advocacy


There has been much discussion amongst the APTA CT leadership and the Public Policy Committee about ways in which we can optimize our communication, collaboration, and turnout when meeting with our local legislators, and it starts with the continued support and advocacy from our members.
In order to capitalize on our opportunities and discuss the importance of the physical therapy profession, we have identified that focusing our efforts on grassroots advocacy will lay the most effective foundation for a successful lobby day next year and in the years to come.
This means that in the Fall, we will encourage you, our members, to set up regional meetings with your local lawmakers. Forming relationships and strong grassroots networks with policy makers is our best chance to protect our patients and our profession. 
Therefore we have made the decision to postpone Lobby Day. We appreciate that many of you may have already adjusted your schedules for April 8th and want to respect your time and energy. We will be providing an updated contact list, FAQ sheets and a webinar series on how to connect with your local legislators in order to enhance our grassroots advocacy. 
Advocacy is successful in the growth of our profession; we saw that with the change in stance from CMS’s payment rules with over 60,000 letters written. We want to continue our successes with our local legislation and will be rolling out multiple opportunities throughout this spring in preparation for a busy fall and successful spring of 2021. 
Thank you for your continued support in the growth of our wonderful profession. Stay tuned!

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