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Below is the information shared with providers:

Dear Employer Coordinators,

Thank you for all the work you are doing to ensure access to a COVID-19 vaccine for eligible employees.

Please encourage all “Soft start (highest risk) Phase 1a wave” employees to schedule a vaccine appointment if they have not already. New vaccine appointment slots were recently published for the upcoming week.

Appointment slots are currently available at the following sites:

  • Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT (most slots available, including first thing Monday morning)
  • New Haven Health Department
  • Stratford Health Department
  • Eastern Highlands Health District (listed as “MCC1229” in the clinic results)
  • More soon!

In addition, please keep in mind the following items:

  • You should only have uploaded your Soft Start (highest risk) roster at this time
  • The only individuals eligible to receive vaccine through VAMS now are healthcare personnel with direct or indirect risk of exposure and medical first responders
  • Please have your IT department whitelist VAMS email addresses for your organization (details below)
  • Please submit a ticket to the VAMS helpdesk with questions or issues with Employer/Organization Person of Contact (POC) changes, VAMS email notification issues, Data issues (employer roster name changes, update/delete/ vaccine recipient):
  • Please submit a ticket to DPH with questions or issues about General questions, VAMS employer roster upload, status on employer VAMS registration at and select “COVID-19 Vaccine”  under What system do you need assistance with?

Thank you!

CT COVID-19 Vaccine Program

Phased upload of Phase 1a rosters

Due to scarce supply, we are asking you to upload rosters in three waves. It is at your discretion and judgement to tier your rosters in the following way:

1.     Current upload: Soft start (highest risk) / first Phase 1a wave: Highest risk of exposure to COVID+ patients or infectious materials – generally between 0-30% of a healthcare organization’s workforce. For instance, extended close contact with individuals in enclosed spaces or close contact with individuals who cannot wear a mask

2.     Please wait: Medium risk / second Phase 1a wave: Regular patient or infectious material exposure but less risk of exposure to COVID than high risk group – generally between 0-50% of a healthcare organizations workforce. For instance, regular but brief contact often in a larger space with ability to maintain distance; masking preserved (await further confirmation of when to upload)

3.     Please wait: Low risk / third Phase 1a wave: All others with potential for direct or indirect exposure to COVID – between 25-100% of a healthcare organization’s workforce (await further confirmation of when to upload)

Reminders regarding eligibility

As a reminder, eligible populations to receive vaccine in Phase 1a are healthcare personnel who are paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients of infectious materials.

A key component of eligibility is exposure to COVID in their work and healthcare settings – individuals who are teleworking (including both clinicians and support staff) are not eligible to receive vaccine in Phase 1a. Individuals who are doing house calls or in-home health work are eligible.

Whenever you submit a roster, you are stating that you believe all individuals on your roster meet the eligibility requirements in effect at the time you load your roster. Submission of a false statement to the Department of Public Health is subject to the penalties pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-500 and § 53a-157b.


Please make sure that your IT department has whitelisted the email addresses that VAMS uses. This is the most important thing you can do to ensure there are no technical challenges for your employees to easily schedule appointments. Reference this document for information about white listing.

For technical questions about VAMS as an employer coordinator, please reference this document. 

If you need specific support from Connecticut Department of Public Health, please submit a ticket here 

Personal Care Attendants and other Unaffiliated individuals

Personal Care Attendants, Independent Contractors and Unaffiliated Individuals who are Phase 1a eligible should fill out this form to get access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Immunization Program

CT Department of Public Health



Help Desk Ticket: DPH Ticketing System (



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