Pediatric SIG: Medical Update on Pediatric Neuromuscular Diseases

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

virtual on Zoom
link will be sent on day of event


This educational session is the first in a series on Pediatric Neuromuscular Diseases.  Delivered virtually over the Zoom platform, Dr. Acsadi will present a PowerPoint-based overview of pediatric neuromuscular diseases, and then focus on Duchenne muscular dystrophy, explaining the biology, genetics, medical treatments, and clinical trials currently available, and how advances in DMD management may impact physical therapy assessment and interventions.   This session will serve as a foundation for upcoming 2021-2022 sessions on PT for individuals with Duchenne MD.


Attendees will be able to:

Describe basic clinical presentation of three different neuromuscular diseases.

Describe muscle changes in DMD that relate to activity and exertion.

Locate 2018 Standards of Care in DMD Parts I & II.

Discuss utility of the 6MWT and the NSAA in DMD assessment, medical treatment, clinical trial eligibility, and development of rehab plan of care.

Describe two aspects of collaboration between MD specialty team and therapists to optimize goal attainment for children with DMD.

Presented by: Gyula Acsadi MD, PhD

Dr. Acsadi is affiliated with Connecticut Children's Medical Center.   He leads Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s MDA Program, as well as CCMC’s Charcot-Marie-Tooth Center of Excellence.  He received his medical degree from University of Pécs Medical School.  He is a member of the Scientific Review Committee of the Child Neurology Society, a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, a member of the International Child Neurology Association, and serves on the editorial board of Pediatric Neurology.  

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