Tai Chi: Elements and Evidence for Clinical Application in Physical Therapy

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

virtual on Zoom



Tai Chi is a well known form of mindful movement that has powerful impacts on mobility and function. It is rooted in postures and movement sequences that improve people’s ability to link kinesthetic awareness with breathing and slow, relaxing movements. Tai Chi masters spend a lifetime learning movements rooted in stable postures and link them into beautiful sequences of movement. These masters train Tai Chi instructors to teach classes in communities throughout the US and world. There are growing options for Physical Therapists to improve our ability to apply Tai Chi in patient care, particularly with older adults and individuals with conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

We do not have to become master practitioners or instructors to harness the power of Tai Chi and improve patient function. We can learn the basic building blocks, the elements of Tai Chi: posture, breathing and foundational movements focusing on stances and stepping patterns. We can expand the boundaries of traditional therapeutic exercise, balance and gait training beyond strength, power, speed and amplitude to not only improve balance and lower fall risk, but contribute to our patients’ health and well being.

Presented by Dorothy Villano, PT, DPT, Board Certified Geriatric Specialist

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