An Orthopedic Approach to Managing Male Pelvic Dysfunction

7:15 PM – 9:15 PM

Gaylord Physical Therapy,
8 Devine Street
North Haven, CT 06473

Hosted by: OMT SIG

This 2-hour lecture/lab is designed to give the practicing clinician a comprehensive knowledge base in the examination and management of the male pelvic dysfunction patient. Research supports that a key component of pelvic dysfunction, is the regional interdependence relationship of the lumbopelvic segments and lower limbs. This 2-hour lecture lab will integrate an orthopedic approach to management of pelvic floor dysfunction (low back pain, lower urinary tract dysfunction status post prostatectomy, chronic pelvic pain including groin, penile and testicular pain, and sexual health including erectile dysfunction) utilizing an external-based exam, exercises, and other interventions.


At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:
Identify male specific pelvic and pelvic floor muscle anatomy.
Define most common male pelvic health dysfunctions
Describe the relationship between pelvic dysfunction, the low back and hips from a regional interdependence perspective
Formulate male specific questions in the Ortho-Pelvic subjective examination.
Identify examination tests and measures for the ortho-pelvic patient.
Explain the goals of male pelvic floor muscle strengthening following prostatectomy surgical intervention.
Implement treatment techniques used for male patients with pelvic pain and dysfunction
Presented by: Jay Myerson, PT, DPT, DMT, OCS, FAAOMPT

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