Neuro SIG: Reaction Time After Concussion

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

virtual on Zoom
link will be sent on day of event


Concussion rehabilitation can involve different clinical trajectories and research shows that reaction time can be affected after mild traumatic brain injury. When athletes are returning to sport a slowed reaction time can be associated with future risk of injury and lack of performance in school, sports, and driving. Reaction time is the time interval between a stimulus and the processing and response of an individual to that stimulus. This presentation will dive into the pathophysiology associated between concussion and reaction time. You will learn to perform simple screens for reaction time and understand higher technology options for assessment. Reaction time is affected after concussion and should be screened and treated as necessary. Treatment drills will be provided for all levels of athletes and individuals trying to improve their response to stimuli throughout the day, prevent re-injury back on the field, and reduce neurologic fatigue through improved function.

Presented by: Ashley Contreras


  • Recognize the pathophysiology associated with reaction time and concussion
  • Perform an assessment on reaction time using the ruler test and understand higher tech options for the clinic assessments 
  • Understand the different types of reaction time and how they might test differently
  • Learn 5 reaction time drills to start with clients to implement evidence-based practice for concussion recovery


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