Ped SIG: Working Together in a Multidisciplinary Approach for the Success of Children with Autism: Panel Discussion


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This educational session, delivered virtually over the Zoom platform, will consist of a panel discussion of six educational team members who work collaboratively to provide services for children with autism.  The team members will use a foundational PowerPoint presentation to present the unique roles of team members and provide teaming strategies.  The team will also use a case-based discussion to illustrate points made during the presentation.  A question-and-answer period will conclude the session.


 Kathy Hassen-Stack, PT

Michelle Metzger, OTR/L

Leigh Summers, M.Ed (SpEd)

Cara Offredia, MS, BCA, LBA(CT)

Coleen Moylan, SLP

Kelly Whittington, ABAT


By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

1.  Describe the roles of each team member and their unique contribution to the student’s program.

2.  Describe at least 3 characteristics of a successful team approach.

3.  Describe strategies to promote ongoing collaboration during inception, development, delivery, and monitoring of plans designed to promote success of children with autism. 

4.  Describe at least 2 ways to practically implement these strategies into the program to assure the child’s success.

5.  Propose at least 2 ideas that illustrate collaboration with individuals outside of the school setting to promote the child’s overall wellbeing.    

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