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Welcome to the 2022 APTA CT Annual Conference Presenter Page 

  • This is only for presenters who have received  confirmation from the APTA CT Programming Committee 

Please complete the following prior to your presentation: .

  1. Please click to complete the presenter agreement form. Let us know if there are any corrections with the title or speaker names or credentials. This form is to also verify that you understand all requirements prior to the conference.  Please complete this by August 30, 2022 

Presentation Requirements

  • We will provide our handouts electronically to all attendees just prior to the conference.  

  • Hardcopy handouts will not be made onsite.

  • All handouts received by the APTA CT office will be converted to a PDF format and stored in a virtual folder. 
    Handouts must be received by October 16, 2022.  Please email handouts to  

  • Handouts should be 3 - 6 slides per page.  Please convert to black and white and PDF if able. 
    Remove any embedded videos in the handouts.

  • Powerpoint Template:  we have a powerpoint template that we prefer you use. Download this template onto your computer. You may insert your own FIRST slide with personal logos, etc. The remaining presentation must be branded with this 2022 Annual Conference template.   Powerpoint download: 


  • Projectors will be provided.  We do request that you provide your own laptop and a back up USB of your presentation.  If you have a Mac, an appropriate dongle will be required.

  • If you don't have a laptop, please indicate this.  If you require other equipment, please also indicate this below. For example, mats, towels, etc.  We will be at a PT Program which should have various equipment available to us. 

Presenter Registration

  • Each educational presentation (60 minutes or more) will receive up to 2 free conference registration.

    Use the presenter agreement form to register presenters using the free registration.

    Any other presenters will receive a $50 voucher to the APTA CT Store and will need to register

    to attend the full conference.

  • Any issues or questions that arise should be directed to the APTA CT office and will then be

    assigned to an appropriate Program Committee member for follow up.

  • These guidelines have been developed to ensure the needs of speakers, attendees,

    and the Program Committee can all be met as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.

Presenter Agreement Form

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